The Two Week Cleanse- Results

I’m done with my two weeks (YAYYY!!!!). I am so glad I did this, it has made me so much more aware of everything I put in my mouth and has is helping me develop healthy habits. I want to make this a permanent lifestyle change and now that I know I can eat this way and not feel like I am missing out on anything I don’t think it will be difficult. Anyways, you probably want to know besides how happy and energetic I feel, what has actually happened to my body. Well, are you ready for it? I lost 5.6 lbs!!! In TWO WEEKS! And I never felt hungry, or tired. I didn’t change anything besides what I ate/drank, exercise stayed the same as usual. I am so excited about this. My ultimate goal is to loose another 4.4 lbs to get to my goal weight (120) and I am going to be working on this over the next two weeks. I already have a pair of new jeans picked out that I will reward myself with once I meet my target weight/size.

Starting weight- 130.2

Two week weight- 124.6

Goal weight- 120

Things I learned during the cleanse:

  • Ginger Orange water is
  • Zucchinis taste great in smoothies
  • Candy is NOT worth it
  • You don’t really need much oil in cooking, water works just as well in many cases
  • Frozen shrimp is a freezer staple- it defrosts very quickly, cooks quickly, and is low in fat and calories yet high in protein. Having frozen shrimp on hand can prevents you from making poor choices as healthy food is made quick is easy.
  • Spinach can and probably should be incorporated into just about every single meal.
  • Cauliflower puree is a great substitute for potatoes, heavy cream, flour, rice and a ton of other things. One of my favorite meals was Shrimp and Cauliflower “Alfredo” over zucchini noodles. Recipe to come.

Did you do the cleanse? How did you do? I want to hear about it so we can celebrate together!


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