Quick Bites: Not Just Peachy

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed a theme in my posts. If you haven’t I’ll give you a hint- CHEESE. I love it. I can’t get enough. And there are SO MANY kinds! Most of my snacks involve some type of it. One of favorite combos right now is sweet and spicy jam with a creamy cheese. I just got this new jam from Hatchery by The Jam Stand called Not Just Peachy Sriracha Jam.

Glitter It Gold- The Jam Stand's Not Just Peachy Sriracha Jam

HOLY COW! It taste like you bit into the sweetest juiciest peach and then you feel a nice warm spicy hug in your mouth at the end. This is like grandma- special-made-this-for-your-birthday-good. Like put it in my cocktails, on my salmon, in my salad dressing and on a spoon straight from the jar good. For right this minute I’m pretty satisfied having it with whipped cream cheese, my favorite cracker and some green onion. Quick Bites: The Jam Stand- Not Just Peachy Sriracha Jam- Glitter It Gold

Green onion makes everything look and taste so fresh. Even things that came from a can or the freezer can be freshened up with some green onion on top. So go do two things- stock up on green onion, and order yourself a jar of this most delicious peach jam you’ve ever tasted.