Hot Tea Month- Rose Tea

It’s National Hot Tea Month! A few days ago I shared with you my go to tea- a bagged green tea from Costco. Today I am sharing a milk tea made with a blend of matcha, sencha, and rose petals is a sweet and creamy afternoon tea. One of my new favorite teas is rose tea. I first tried a version of this at a place called Half & Half Teahouse. Their version was a little too sweet and had boba in it. I have decided my favorite way to enjoy rose tea is with a little milk and honey.

Rose tea has a beautiful delicate flavor and is already somewhat sweet so be careful not to over sweeten it. I sometimes like to make it into a latte and add a tiny bit of vanilla as well. Sometimes I mix it with the Ito En green tea blend I mentioned in my last post.Green and Rose Tea with Milk| Glitter It Gold

There are some benefits to drinking rose tea- many studies have found that rose tea helps reduce menstrual cramps and can ease the pain of heavy periods. It is also good for the digestive system and urinary tract and it is caffeine free and works to reduce stress so it makes for a great drink after dinner before bed time.Green and Rose Tea with Milk| Glitter It Gold

I have only used dried petals to make my tea, but fresh petals can be used as well. If you use fresh petals, they are best harvested in the early morning, and you should remove the white base part of the petals as they have a bitter taste to them.  I get my rose petals from Mountain Rose Herbs. I love this website because their products are all high quality and organic with a large number also being certified fair trade, sustainable, kosher or wild harvested and you can buy in bulk or in smaller quantities for very reasonable prices. You could also try making a blend of rose hips, rose petal, dried strawberries and jasmine for a sweet and aromatic cup of tea. Maybe I will experiment with a recipe for that blend soon, but for now enjoy this rose tea the way I typically make it.

Green and Rose Tea with Milk| Glitter It Gold

Rose Milk Tea

  1. Steep 1 TBS dried rose petals in 4 oz of boiling water for 5 minutes. Then add 1 tea bag of the matcha/sencha blend mentioned in previous post for 30 seconds. Strain tea using a fine mesh strainer. If you are using a different type of tea check the steep time and add it to the water when there is that amount of time left (5 minutes minus steep time is when you should add the tea).
  2. Add 4 oz of steamed or warm milk (I use cashew milk), and 1 tsp of honey or sweetener of choice.