Sunshine Brings Motivation

I can’t explain to you how excited I am that it gets dark after 5pm again. I really struggle with the shorter days, my body can’t function normally and everything seems to be off for about a month until once again I can leave work and get home with some daylight to spare. I think the thing that suffers the most during that month is my running. I won’t run in the dark, so that pretty much means that unless I go running between 7am and 4pm I am not running.

Yesterday was my first day back at it and it felt so good! I felt unstoppable and after basically taking a whole month off of running ran by best ever 5k and totaled 4 miles, which is a lot for me as my normal run is only 2.25mi. A few months ago (more like 8 or so) I told myself I was going to train for my first 10k. Then I got a new job, and moved and we went on a few vacations/work trips and then the holidays and then Riley’s knee and I never did it. But that changes now. I have been waiting for something to click in my mind, for me to find the motivation I need to start running again. I think I finally found it. So, here I go, I am going to do it this time. Please help by holding me accountable. My goal for training for the first month is to run twice a week- as far as I can, with no time goals. Just get out and run. Twice a week, no time or distance commitments. I can do that. Once I have created the habit, then I will start to challenge myself.

I think one of the things that inspired me was the sunset that was happening around mile 3. The sunsets over the lake are just beautiful. I am so thankful that we live where we do. The Southern California weather that lets a very picky runner like me get out and burn some calories and enjoy some sunshine. Sunset | Glitter It Gold

Just look at that sky! This photo isn’t from last night because I wasn’t about to stop in the middle of my awesome run for a photo, but it was taken about 6 weeks ago on a walk with my husband. Actually, it was the walk where Riley hurt his knee. He is recovering from surgery very well, it is mostly just difficult to keep him inactive and it kills me that I can’t play with him when he brings me a toy. Poor guy, he is so bored. Cone head Riley | Glitter It Gold

Good news though- He finally got his sutures removed and is no longer a cone head. Good for him, but less entertaining for me because everything a dog does is so much funnier when they are wearing the cone of shame (even begging for cake pops).
The Color Run - Happiest 5k Run


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