Friday Favorites No. 5

Sometimes it feels like I have these really exciting weeks where everything is fabulous and I have to share it with you. And other times my life is rather boring and routine. This week was going to be one of those weeks until my mother in law invited me to go see the Lion King at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. They have had season tickets there for a long time, and Eric and I have been able to enjoy going in their place off and on for years. It’s one of our favorite dates- getting dressed up, going out to dinner before the show, and sipping champagne during intermission has become a tradition for us. This year we gave up our tickets because of moving and other finacial priorities and it nearly broke my heart to give them up (I didn’t know that my in-laws purchased them in our place so the really good seats will not be lost!) I was so happy to learn that those seats had not gone to some lucky person on the waiting list, and that I might still be able to enjoy them every once in a while.

Anyways, last nights show was the Lion King. It was wonderful. I could not get over how much the characters of Timon, Pumba and Mufasa sounded just like the characters in the movie. The costume and props alone would have been entertaining, there was so much happeneing. The giraffe costume was just fabulous, and the whole time I couldn’t help from admiring the physique of all the performers. This is the highlight of my week and a very welcome distraction from the painful steroid injection in my ear from earlier that day. Another exciting thing- I am finally getting my keloid on my ear removed. I am terrified. Just the first steroid shot was painful as it was and is still sore two days later. Wish me luck. And calm nerves.

Also I had a good hair today today. Which is awesome because I am also rocking last nights make up. I know it’s terrible and I shouldn’t do it, but I hit so much traffic coming home I was too tired to take it off before crawling into bed at 12:30am just to be miserably unable to sleep because 1) I can’t sleep on the right side like I always do because of my ear, 2) my husband does acrobatics in his sleep and this time I was (un)lucky enough to be the victim of a flailing arm, and 3) the alarm went off at 5am. and 5:15. and 5:45. and then finally my alarm went off at 6:40 because I am not traveling to NorCal today. All that being said I am in quite the cheerful mood today and fairly impressed with myself for it.

Anything good happening this weekend? We have lot’s of birthdays to celebrate- my sister, and two uncles (Happy Birthday!!).

Here I was saying that this was going to be a boring week and look at this novel of good things I just wrote. I like doing Friday Favorites because it makes me think not just of what I love but also what I am thankful for and blessed to have/enjoy in my life. Have a blessed and wonderful weekend my friends!



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