Fall in (love with) Tennessee

Have you ever been to Tennessee? Well, let me tell you, Tennessee does fall right. Miraculously our trip coincided with the peak of the changing of colors in the leaves. My grandparents have a beautiful home in the foothills of the Smokies with an incredible view of the mountains that are glowing with all shades of red, orange and yellow. FullSizeRenderIn the morning the fog sits low in the valleys between the mountains giving them their name- The Great Smokey Mountains. Watching the sun come up over those foggy mountains in morning while sipping hot coffee (or cocoa) is one of those memories I have seared into my brain. It is such a moving scene, and the memories of spending time with my grandparents being tied to it make for a powerful memory. It’s one that almost feels like a warm hug, like the warmth of the autumn colors hanging in the trees are reaching through the morning chill to wrap you up in a cozy embrace. I want to wear these colors. I want the burgundy and copper in my hair, I want the red on my lips, I want a sweater in that orange, and a scarf in the deep green of the evergreens speckled between. The blue jays and the cardinals fight over bird seed, the squirrels scamper around almost like they are playing tag, and the neighbors cows graze quietly on the other side of the fence. Are you envisioning my view? It’s straight out of a fairy tale, my pictures do no justice. I love it here.

On a completely different note I FINALLY found a grocery store that had Talenti Pumpkin Pie! Of course I bought a pint of it, and I barely had the patience to snap a quick photo before digging in (right before dinner, whatever). I was NOT disappointed. It is not only delicious but it really does taste like pumpkin pie, not just pumpkin spice or sorta pumpkiny; it’s like eating an extra creamy frozen version of pumpkin pie. FullSizeRender3I wish ice cream traveled better because if it did I would have bought 6 more pints to take home with me. Unfortunately, whether I can’t find it because my stores don’t carry it, or I am just always too late and they are out of stock because it is just too delicious I’ll just have to stalk my local grocers until I am lucky enough to find one, and I recommend that you do the same.


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