Friday Favorites No. 4

  1. Miso butter. I know I have talked about miso multiple times before and even mentioned a recipe for miso butter grilled corn a few weeks ago (also here and here), but I have a new use for it: EVERYTHING. I made a big jar of it (1 part butter to 1 part miso) and I have been smearing it on anything and everything (mostly roasted veggies and  salmon). Last night’s creation was by far my favorite. I tossed cubed butternut squash in miso butter and roasted it at 400 degrees before topping it with sesame seeds and devouring. It had such a rich, buttery umami flavor I couldn’t stop, it’s like candy. There wasn’t enough left over to do this but pureeing that deliciousness into a soup was on my mind and something I will probably have to do soon. I also have butternut squash ravioli in the fridge and I am going to make the easiest ravioli ever by topping them with melted miso butter (from my pre-mixed jar in the fridge). You must try this stuff. I use Kerygold unsalted butter and a shiro miso which is a mild white miso and this has been my favorite combo and ratio. Whatever brands you buy make sure to use an unsalted butter as miso is already pretty salty.
  2. Powdered peanut butter. I know I am probably a little late in discovering this, but I just couldn’t get myself to jump on the P2B bandwagon. For starters I generally chose other nut butter over peanut for a multitude of reasons (my favorite is cashew butter), and I generally use the butters in smoothies and I recently discovered that with a vitamix it’s actually better to just use a whole nut instead of a butter because then you can use the nuts for other things like salads, trail mix, and snacks and not have to get nuts AND nut butter. I found another brand of powdered peanut butter and on a whim decided to give it a try. I sprinkled a teaspoon over vanilla ice cream and gave it a dirzzle of pure maple syrup, a dash of cinnamon, and bit of cocoa powder and stirred it all up. Oh my was it yummy and probably my new favorite fall dessert. The brand I bought was Santa Cruz Organic Peanut Powder (affiliate link)- I chose this brand because it has only two ingredients listed: organic peanut powder and organic milled chia seeds. So while powdered peanut butter isn’t any better for you than regular peanut butter, I definitely like this for the flavor and the ability to add it to things you normally wouldn’t add it to easily, like ice cream.
  3. I am normally not about flavored lattes or coffee drinks; I like my coffee with sweet cream and thats it, maybe a sprinkling of cinnamon, or a dash of (real) vanilla, a drizzle of caramel here or there but definitely not about sugary flavored syrups. We even use Natural Bliss coffee creamer that has only 4 ingredients- milk, cream, sugar, and flavor, depending on which flavor you chose- and none of the nastly chemicles and preservatives and thickeners in many other creamers. (I just looked up ingredients for International Delight Fat Free Sugar Free Vanilla- EW!! It has no cream? Corn syrup is the main ingredient besides water. And cellulose gell and cellulose gum? no thank you. Anyways, my point is, have you tried Starbucks Toasted Graham latte yet? I have been hearing a lot about how people don’t like it, that it’s missing something, but I couldn’t disagree more! For the person who likes the flavor of coffee over the flavor of syrup this is wonderful. It’s like my morning coffee- medium roast drip brewed coffee with Natural Bliss Sweet Cream creamer- got a hit of cinnamon and some foam . It’s probably one of my favorites (as an occasional treat because I know it has some of those ingredients I avoid in my daily coffee  along with a lot of extra calories), what do you think?
  4. I use parentheses way too much. (sorry)

Friday Favorites No. 1

Hey there, long time no talk. I know, I have been totally MIA lately, and you were concerned that maybe I had given up blogging or some other terrible thing. But I am back! I am not giving up. Life just has a way of getting in the way. Things like vacation, moving, new jobs, and wedding related activities are just too exciting to give full attention to and unfortunately blogging has not been on my priorities list. That is going to change, I promise. I have so many good things stored up just waiting to be shared so I decided I am going to share regularly even if it isn’t a recipe. Here’s the first of my Friday Favorites- enjoy!

  1. Lavender Honey from Newkirk– OMG it’s amazing. I got some in my August Hatchery box and it took me less than 6 hours to figure out to use it up in a cocktail of whiskey, lemon juice, and lavender honey and chamomile lavender honey scones (recipe coming soon). You can get a 14 oz bottle of it at Newark Honey website for $15.00. They also sell Honeycomb, 12 oz for $18.00. A bit pricey but oh so worth every sticky drop. Add it to chamomile tea for an extra soothing evening drink, drizzle it on oatmeal with nuts, seeds and berries, add to cocktails, drizzle over yogurt with granola…..or just eat it with a spoon. YUM!
  2. Baby Shower games- If you have spent any significant amount of time with me lately, or follow me on Pinterest, then you know I have major baby fever. I am pinning parenting articles, baby shower ideas, maternity clothing sites, ALL the baby things. It’ nuts I know because we have already discussed this and we have decided that we are at LEAST 1 year away from even trying to get pregnant. But, one can never be too prepared and this Buzzfeed article is on point. So many creative and fun games that you probably haven’t played. If you put me in charge of your baby shower we will definitely be playing sperm corn home and pin the sperm on the egg.
  3. Corn- I was distraught to discover this week, after days of discomfort and a lot of thought and research into what could be causing it, I have discovered that corn, that sweet, crunchy, delectable vegetable I love so much, is the culprit of my discomfort. Unfortunately for me this means cutting back (not giving it up completely I hope) until I discover the quantity/preparation that my body can handle, along with digestive enzymes, without the pain. I am going to share with you my absolute, without a doubt favorite way to eat corn to make me feel a little bit better. You HAVE to try this (and the spring onion omelette she mentions at the end of the post too), and you should probably follow Kellie’s blog too, she is quite amazing. The recipe and link to her blog is here- Food to Glow. I don’t bother steaming them they just get slathered in the good sauce and slapped straight on the grill over medium with the lid closed turning every 5 minutes until done. Sad day…
  4. Pasta Chips– has anyone else tried these? I think they are amazing! They are crackers that taste like pasta. They reminded me a bit of crispy fried raviolis, minus the stuffing. So far I have dunked them in cream cheese with sweet red pepper relish, vodka sauce, and topped them with mozzarella, basil and sun dried tomato. All were delicious.
  5. Gigi New York- I have been obsessed with these purses for well over a year now. I am in the market for a new purse and spent the whole week stalking the website putting a purse in my cart, leaving it, returning to the cart to stare longingly at the beauty within, just to leave it again. Today I put my foot down, told myself that I would not regret it, and hit “proceed to checkout.” Excuse me while I wait anxiously at the front door waiting for the delivery man…. Gigi purses are elegant, high quality and classy and you can personalize any item with up to three initials. I seriously can’t wait- here is what I got. Gigi Crossbody BagAnd this too, I had to. Gigi phone caseHappy belated birthday to me?

There you have it. Have a very happy weekend friends!