Subscription Heaven

I am a sucker for those monthly subscription boxes. There is nothing more exciting to me than getting boxes in the mail every few weeks with surprise items for me. It’s like a birthday present every month, except I have multiple subscriptions so it’s like surprise presents a few times a month. The two boxes I currently subscribe to are Birchbox and the Hatchery Tasting Box. I will share more on Birchbox in another post, this one is all about Hatchery.Hatchery Box Subscription | Glitter It Gold

The Hatchery Co. is a marketplace for trying new foods and has artisan products ranging from small batch salad dressing, spice blends, seasoned salts, rubs, hot sauce, syrups, infused honey and so much more. Each box comes with 5 items along with a card that gives ideas on how to use each item and some recipe ideas. I have had a subscription to Hatchery for over a year now and I still get so excited when I get my box. It constantly gives me new flavors and ingredients to experiment with. And a lot of the items can be incorporated into my routine recipes to jazz them up or give them a slightly different taste. Some of my all time favorite items from Hatchery over the last year are Formosa Chipotle Hot Sauce, Green Sriracha from Preservation and Co., Hepp Salt Applewood Smoked Salt, Chi Cho Sauce, and Saucy Sisters Rum Caramel Sauce, Wei Kitchen Shallot Oil, Wholespice Granulated Honey, Gourmegg Gracefully Greek Seasoning, Dave’s Homemade Sweet and Sassy Smokehouse Rub, and Savour This Kitchen’s Nomad Spice Blend. (And those are just the ones that came to mind right away).Hatchery Box Subscription | Glitter It Gold

The Hatchery Box cost $20 per box and you can pay monthly, they also offer gift subscriptions for 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. These boxes make really fun gifts that keep on giving for anyone who loves to cook and experiment with new ingredients. Every time they get a new box it will remind them of the one who got it for them, you may even get a photo showing you what they made with some of the items.Hatchery Box Subscription | Glitter It Gold

I will be sharing one recipe a month that uses a Hatchery Box ingredient over the next few months so be sure to follow along. Every item I use can be purchased in the Hatchery Marketplace even if you are not a subscriber. If you decide to purchase any items and use any of the links I provide, I will receive a small commission. All opinions expressed in these posts are my own, I would never share a product with you that I didn’t actually love.
Hatchery Tasting Box

Truffle Honey and Brie Toast

Sometimes when I have a stressful day at work, it takes me a little while to unwind before I can start cooking. Which is odd becuase usually cooking is my form of relaxing and unwinding. But on some days I am just too hungry and tired and wired from my day that dinner seems like this gigantic, monster of a feat that I just don’t have the energy to begin. Enter glass of wine and fancy (yet ridiculously easy) snack to pamper myself a little before tackling dinner. These snacks usually consist of a cheese, a spread or sauce or jam or preserve, a vehicle, and a flavorful/decorative finishing touch. Today I made these, and Oh. My. Goodness. Delicious. Toasted sourdough topped with a slice of brie, a drizzle of truffle honey, a sprinkling of toasted pistachios, and pinch of fresh cracked black pepper. Stick it back in the toaster over for a minute to get the brie all nice and melty.Truffle Honey Brie Toasts with Pistachios- Glitter It Gold

This would be good as baked brie too. Just spoon the honey over a piece of brie (rind removed) in a baking dish and bake until gooey and soft, top with pistachios and serve with a plate of crackers or toasts.Truffle Honey Brie Toasts with Pistachios- Glitter It Gold

I have been working on a Creamy Roasted Garlic Balsamic Vinaegrette for you. But I need pictures, and pictures requires me to photograph when it’s light out, and making it and having light just haven’t happened at the same time yet. Anyways, my point in telling you this is one ingredient in the dressing is Truffle Honey. The stuff is heaven in a jar, but rather expensive. So, as encouragement for you to get some, I figured I would give you a few recipes that use it, so you know, it’s a little more worth it. I’ll get my act together and get you the dressing recipe soon and some more details on the truffle honey. But for now I am going to finish this wine and toast because my brain hurts, make burgers for dinner and go straight to bed. After an episode of House of Cards. or three. (don’t judge). Goodnight.

Quick Bites: Not Just Peachy

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed a theme in my posts. If you haven’t I’ll give you a hint- CHEESE. I love it. I can’t get enough. And there are SO MANY kinds! Most of my snacks involve some type of it. One of favorite combos right now is sweet and spicy jam with a creamy cheese. I just got this new jam from Hatchery by The Jam Stand called Not Just Peachy Sriracha Jam.

Glitter It Gold- The Jam Stand's Not Just Peachy Sriracha Jam

HOLY COW! It taste like you bit into the sweetest juiciest peach and then you feel a nice warm spicy hug in your mouth at the end. This is like grandma- special-made-this-for-your-birthday-good. Like put it in my cocktails, on my salmon, in my salad dressing and on a spoon straight from the jar good. For right this minute I’m pretty satisfied having it with whipped cream cheese, my favorite cracker and some green onion. Quick Bites: The Jam Stand- Not Just Peachy Sriracha Jam- Glitter It Gold

Green onion makes everything look and taste so fresh. Even things that came from a can or the freezer can be freshened up with some green onion on top. So go do two things- stock up on green onion, and order yourself a jar of this most delicious peach jam you’ve ever tasted.

Quick Bites: Formosa Chipotle Sauce

I am always hungry. Like always. When I get home from work I need a little something to keep me from eating half of dinner before it even makes it to the table. Little bit sized snacks that are quick to whip and easy to snack on while I cook are ideal. I have been on a smoked salmon kick lately. I love it on everything but my favorite is paired with cream cheese. As a kid, one of my favorite snacks was crackers with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and Tabasco. When I got a sample bottle of Formosa Chipotle Hot Sauce in my Hatchery box last month smoked salmon immediately came to mind and the idea for this delicious little bite of perfection was born.Quick Bites: Smoked Salmon with Formosa Chipotle Sauce- Glitter It Gold


FormosaSauce makes a Habanero Hot Sauce and the Chipotle one I used from a recipe developed over 30 years ago. Both sauces are 100% natural with no preservatives which I love. I have yet to try the habanero one, but after making this I definitely want to. The Formosa chipotle sauce is about a 6 on the heat scale (to me, but I love spicy foods) and the contrast of the cool and creamy avocado and cream cheese is absolutely delish. Use whipped cream cheese to make it easier to spread without breaking the crackers and to cut a few calories. I had chives in the fridge so I threw some of those on top too, green onions would have been good too. A few fresh herbs is always a good idea.

Formosa Chipotle Hot Sauce

I can’t wait to try this stuff on everything. Formosa egg muffins tomorrow morning? I think yes.