101 Things In 1001 Days

So I was over on Panza Avenue this week and saw that she was doing this challenge where you make a list of 101 things you want to do in the next 1001 days. I LOVE the idea of this so I decided to complete my own. I will be updating it as I complete items so follow along! Also if you decide to make a list of your own, let me know ūüôā

End Date Tuesday Jan 17 2019.

  1. Read
    1. Read “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions”
    2. Read “How To Win Friends And Influence People”
    3. Read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
    4. Read Room by Emma Donoghue and watch the movie
    5. Get a book about archaeology and finish it


    Health and Fitness

    1. Walk/run 100 miles in 1 month (starts May 1) completed 116.13 Hooray!!!
    2. Train for and complete a 6k
    3. Do one month with no sugar, alcohol, or caffeine.
    4. Work out with a personal trainer for 1 month
    5. Be able to do a pull-up
    6. Do an ab workout every day for 2 weeks
    7. Eat entirely raw food for a day
    8. Find a fitness group of friends to motivate me to be fit and healthy



    1. Visit Washington D.C.
    2. Have dinner at The Marine Room, San Diego
    3. Hike Potato Chip Rock
    4. Visit Yosemite
    5. Visit Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, and the Nazca Lines in Peru
    6. Go to Apple Harvest at Oak Glen
    7. Watch every Academy Awards Best Picture since the year I was born (1990) List here.
    8. Plan and take a girls weekend getaway (Scheduled for May 20-22 in VEGAS)
    9. See The Sound of Music musical (tickets purchased for July 27)
    10. Attend a country concert
    11. Have a spa day at Glen Ivy
    12. Go to the zoo
    13. Go to a basketball game
    14. Visit San Francisco
    15. Ask 5 people what their favorite movies are and watch all 5 of them (Ronna- The Great Race)
    16. Go deep sea fishing
    17. Go Camping (convince Eric to go camping)



    1. Decorate the guest room
    2. Finish decorating the master bedroom
    3. Clean out our closet and donate clothes
    4. Replant my herb garden and keep it alive for a full year
    5. Find a way to get a big white marble slab in the house somewhere
    6. Sand and refinish the desk
    7. Sand and refinish the dresser –¬†Sanding complete
    8. Change the light bulb on Eric’s lamp
    9. Get a hammock and hang under the grape vine
    10. Get Riley’s teeth cleaned
    11. Don’t leave a single dirty dish in the sink overnight for 2 weeks¬†This feels so good, I will definitely continue to make this a priority.
    12. Make the bed every single day for a month



    1. Buy a house
    2. Do an entire month of buying nothing that isn’t absolutely necessary (gas, groceries, rent, utilities…)
    3. Get my own health insurance plan
    4. Start a retirement account
    5. Convert our change into cash and deposit in savings account
    6. Buy a new car
    7. Get life insurance



    1. Make a photo book for every year that we have been married like Kelly’s I made mine using Mixbook¬†¬†they are always having sales so keep an eye out.
    2. Go paperless and organize all files using Evernote
    3. Lay out my clothes the night before for 2 weeks



    1. Volunteer somewhere for 8 hours in a month
    2. Buy and learn how to use a real camera
    3. Begin a memory journal (write 3 things that happened that day every night)
    4. Learn how to snow ski
    5. Get up everyday at 5am for 2 weeks straight.
    6. Spend 1 week completely free of all social media, tv, and email aside from work emails.
    7. Become a mom
    8. Throw myself a birthday party
    9. Go 1 week without any makeup
    10. Leave a 100% tip for exceptionally good service
    11. Buy a new Bible (not my old kids Bible) and read cover to cover. I bought this one because it comes with a daily reading plan, dictionary of key terms, character profile, book introductions and devotions.
    12. Start a¬†“pay it forward”-¬†buy coffee for the person behind you
    13. Learn how to knit I do crochet
    14. Knit myself a washcloth
    15. Get a facial
    16. Get the best they have to offer pedicure
    17. Start a new Christmas tradition
    18. Take a ski ride even if I don’t want to
    19. Get all dressed up and take pictures, for no reason
    20. Do something different with my hair
    21. Learn how to shoot a bow
    22. Give an impromptu toast at a dinner
    23. Complete Miracles of Human Language: An Introduction to Linguistics on Coursera



    1. Write a guest post for another blog
    2. Have a guest post shared on my blog
    3. Get 750 followers on my Blog Instagram
    4. Finish writing and photographing and publish my cookbook
    5. Make pasta from scratch
    6. Get a waffle maker and use it once a week for at least a month
    7. Make a perfect batch of macarons
    8. Make my own granola bars
    9. Make an Apple Pie completely from scratch with apples from our tree
    10. Post 1 new recipe a week for a month
    11. Make homemade Ciabatta bread
    12. Try a new food


    Friends and Relationships

    1. Host an all out brunch party for no reason
    2. Take a cooking class with my mom
    3. Send someone surprise gift for no reason
    4. Actually celebrate our anniversary
    5. Go golfing with dad and grandpa
    6. Send snail mail birthday cards to 10 8 friends
    7. Go Paddle Boarding with Eric even if I don’t want to
    8. Take dance lessons with Eric
    9. Take Riley to the dog beach
    10. Make and decorate a birthday cake for someone
    11. Host a game night
    12. Be someone’s mentor
    13. See ALL grandparents in 1 year


  1. Make another list to complete after this one

The Two Week Cleanse- Results

I’m done with my two weeks (YAYYY!!!!). I am so glad I did this, it has made me so much more aware of everything I put in my mouth and has is helping me develop healthy habits. I want to make this a permanent lifestyle change and now that I know I can eat this way and not feel like I am missing out on anything I don’t think it will be difficult. Anyways, you probably want to know besides how happy and energetic I feel, what has actually happened to my body. Well, are you ready for it? I lost 5.6 lbs!!! In TWO WEEKS! And I never felt hungry, or tired. I didn’t change anything besides what I ate/drank, exercise stayed the same as usual. I am so excited about this. My ultimate goal is to loose another 4.4 lbs to get to my goal weight (120) and I am going to be working on this over the next two weeks. I already have a pair of new jeans picked out that I will reward myself with once I meet my target weight/size.

Starting weight- 130.2

Two week weight- 124.6

Goal weight- 120

Things I learned during the cleanse:

  • Ginger Orange water is bomb.com
  • Zucchinis taste great in smoothies
  • Candy is NOT worth it
  • You don’t really need much oil in cooking, water works just as well in many cases
  • Frozen shrimp is a freezer staple- it defrosts very quickly, cooks quickly, and is low in fat and calories yet high in protein. Having frozen shrimp on hand can prevents you from making poor choices as healthy food is made quick is easy.
  • Spinach can and probably should be incorporated into just about every single meal.
  • Cauliflower puree is a great substitute for potatoes, heavy cream, flour, rice and a ton of other things. One of my favorite meals was Shrimp and Cauliflower “Alfredo” over zucchini noodles. Recipe to come.

Did you do the cleanse? How did you do? I want to hear about it so we can celebrate together!