Friday Favorites No. 3

  1. I apologize in advance but there are so many weddings happening in my life that they are constantly on my mind and it is highly likely that there will be at least one wedding related item per week on my Friday Favorites from now till the end of next year (maybe longer?) This one is about my wedding. Yeah, I know that was a year ago, but I finally took the time to download all my pictures and sort through them and post my favorites (all 330 of them…). They are so wonderful. Our photographer, Nick Mitzenmacher did a fabulous job of catching all the details and the emotions of the day. It truly was the best day of my life. I know that sounds totally cliche but not only did I marry my best friend and the love of my life but I got to have my whole family, all my friends, and all the people I truly care about all in one place. And since we had a destination wedding, I had a lot of them for a whole weekend. Never again will I be able to gather all the same people together like that, even though I truly and deeply wish that I could.   
  2. This one is sort of connected with number 1. I was introduced to A. Jaffe Maps jewelry by Grace Atwood through her blog The Stripe (she is giving one away and you should definitely go enter). You can map any location or landmark and have the map engraved on a charm for a necklace or bracelet.     love the idea of having the map of a special place engraved on a necklace, with a special message on the back. I would love one that had Carmel Valley on it with a diamond over Holman Ranch and our wedding date enscribed on the back. (The small round one in yellow gold please in case anyone was looking for a {very generous} gift idea for me….). How sweet a gift would this be for a bride to be- her wedding venue and date on the back? If you have any bridal showers coming up then you are welcome for the great idea.
  3. I have a new favorite yogurt. Have you tried the Tillamook Farmhouse Greek Yogurt? I LOVE this stuff. It’s the fruit on the bottom kind and the fruit doesn’t taste artificial or overly sweet like so many do. It’s perfectly creamy, but still light, just the right amount of sweetness and thickness. My favorite flavor is the California Peach and I add a spoonful of vanilla maple granola on top. It is hard to find the Tillamook yogurt locally, so far the only store in my area that I have found it at is Winco. And also, do you shop the bulk section at your local grocer? OMG. I just discovered the bulk section at Winco and let me say it is nothing short of lifechanging. For someone who like an extreme amount of variety when it comes to cooking I often find myself with zillions of half used tubs and bags of foods because I needed 1/4 c for something but I can only stand to eat it once maybe twice a month…. Like if I eat brown rice tonight then we can’t have rice again for a week, and when we do I want jasmine or arborio or wild rice instead. It’s quite unbelievable how many kinds of rice I have in my pantry. But the amazing thing is that with bulk I can buy only what I am going to make for that one meal. I can buy 1/4 c of rice flour for those gluten free cookies I will probably only bake once because I don’t really bake much. Or I can get just a teaspoon of that one odd spice I don’t know if I’ll like and don’t want to spend $6.00 on a whole bottle of. It’s amazing. I’m addicted. I should have just made shopping in the bulk section it’s own point.

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

Good morning! I have a treat for you today. This recipe I am sharing seemed so appropriate for Sunday- it’s a total brunchy/Sunday luncheony type recipe. So…Remember when I had an obsession with smoked salmon? Well, I’m still not over it yet. I am finding way to sneak it into everything possible. I have been toying with this recipe since Easter and now it is finally ready to share. These deviled eggs are divine, no really. They are topped off with Hepp’s Salt Barrel Applewood Smoked Salt (affiliate link) so you get this sweet, smokey, and creamy bite with a little crunch from the green onion. Perfection. And I even ate one for breakfast. I like using a little bit of cream cheese in them too, because cream cheese and smoked salmon go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs- Glitter It Gold
Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs-Glitter It Gold

Hard boiled eggs can be tricky, they need to be fully cooked to make a nice smooth filling for deviled eggs, but overdone yolks have that awful grey green color and can be extra dry. I use my mom’s tried and true way of making perfect hard boiled eggs. Make sure to place the eggs in cold water, cover and heat until boiling. Remove from heat and set a timer for 13 minutes. After 13 minutes, remove them and place them immediately in a giant bowl of ice water. Once they are cooled enough to touch, tap them on the counter so that ice water goes into the cracks and helps separate the egg from the film and egg shell and put back into the water until completely cool before removing the shells completely.

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs- Glitter It Gold
Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs- Glitter It Gold

I also recommend these as a great brunch item, they would go so nicely with a mimosa, or a Bloody Mary if you are into those. I have yet to try one I liked, but as always my mind is open and I am determined to try it till I like it. One day. But, you know what these would go exceptionally well with? A nice and toasty everything bagel. Because smoked salmon|cream cheese| bagel, duh.

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs- Glitter It Gold
Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs- Glitter It Gold

I just spooned the mixture in because I got lazy but they would probably be prettier if piped in, but if your family is like mine they will be devoured within minutes and no one will notice they were spooned not piped- all they will remember is how good they tasted.


  • 12 eggs
  • 1/4 c cream cheese
  • 2 TBS smoked salmon, minced
  • 3 TBS honey mustard dressing
  • 1/2 tsp dill
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp smoked salt like Hepp’s Applewood Smoked Salt
  • 1 green onion
  • 1 TBS mayo


  1. Fill a large pot with cold water and put the eggs in. Cover and bring to a boil, once boiling remove from heat and leave covered for 13 minutes.
  2. Transfer to a bowl of ice water for 2 minutes, tap each egg on the counter to crack the shell and place back in the ice water for another minute. Remove eggs from water and remove the shells.
  3. Cut each egg in half lengthwise, pop the yolks out into a large mixing bowl.
  4. Add all remaining ingredients except the salt and green onion and mix thoroughly.
  5. Spoon a heaping teaspoon into each egg white half, you may have a little left over, or you can try to fit it all in.
  6. Top with green onion and smoked salt

Hatchery Tasting Box

Friday Favorites No. 2

I know, I missed last Friday’s post, and before you come yelling at me I have a really good reason, you’ll see it below as item number 1. I will also be missing this Friday’s too since today is already Thursday. We can’t all be perfect.

  1. My friends Jake and Autumn got married on Saturday. The ceremony was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and I wish you could have heard their vows. Their’s were are the vows that every engaged couple wishes they could come up with; they hit all the major points, they were intimate, honest, and tender with just the right amount of humor. Writing vows is not easy, I know from experience, but you both poured your hearts into it and they created a perfect picture of the wonderful relationship you have. Congratulations to you both on a beautiful wedding (that I won’t be able to stop talking about for months) and cheers to many, many anniversaries to come.
  2. It rained yesterday and you know what that means? I am now craving pumpkin EVERYTHING! Except the SBux lattes, I am not a fan. Maybe I will share my recipe with you for homemade pumpkin spice lattes. Maybe. But I mean, seriously, I want pumpkin soup, and pumpkin pie, and pumpkin pasta…Oh, the list goes on. It would really be helpful if there was a Trader Joe’s closer to me, their pumpkin pie recipe that comes on the Sugar Pumpkins is the best and I know I am weird but I trust their sugar pumpkins only, like I don’t want to get them anywhere else. (Why? I have no clue). And Trader Joe’s is the only store I have ever found that carries delicata squash which I absolutely love. And fresh peas. Geez, Stater’s and Von’s and Ralph’s need to get with the program….
  3. I know I just said it, but it RAINED! One of my favorite things in life is watching thunder storms while sitting outside on a covered patio with a glass of wine. I love the smells, the sound, the feels, all of it. Especially summer storms so it’s warm. Or storms at night, so I can fall asleep to that mesmerizing sound. These storms are supposedly causing lots of damage with flash flooding and all, although I have not experienced that where I live. I am sorry if your hating my storms right now (like my poor pup shivering in the corner of my closet), but I just love it.
  4. Crunchy corn. It’s like Corn Nuts, but waaaaaayyyy better.  The ones I am refering to I got at New Seasons (OMG has anyone ever been there I am in love, I could spend hours there. Yes, in a grocery strore!!!) in Oregon in July and they were extra crispy and just the right amount of salty. I wish I had bought a barrel. They are gone now and while I found similar ones at a fruit market in Temecula they just aren’t the same. I even tried flavoring them up with Dave’s Homemade Sweet and Sassy Smokehouse Rub (which tastes wonderful on cedar plank salmon) and while the rub tastes fantastic, the crunchy corn is still not quite as good as that one in Oregon. (Take note Oregon friends- Christmas is just around the corner…. *wink wink*).
  5.  Speaking of Christmas shopping….I downloaded this adorable printable list for keeping track of those things. It’s from Day Designer, the brand of planner I use. You write down the person it’s for, how much it costs, the occasion and where to purchase. It’s super helpful because I start planning my Christmas shopping in July. I really do. Planning ahead helps spread the cost of buying gifts over a few months so you don’t break the bank in December and you have extra time to think of the perfect gift not just some random thing you found at Macy’s the week before Christmas saying “I guess that will work…” The whole Day Designer line is awesome, it has a spot for everything you need. Even meal planning, daily gratitude and the the day’s top three. I highly recommend for anyone who has a lot of daily multitasking to do. You can dowload their free extras to put in your planner too, here’s the link– if you are like me and like lists and planning and schedules, be prepared to become addicted.