The 2 Week Cleanse- Update 3

This is starting to get hard. I am craving pizza soooooooo bad right now. Gimme ALLL the cheese. le sigh…. Really though, the cravings set it hard today for some reason. I have been doing really well, except I went way over my fat calorie limit yesterday (who would have thought that oats have so much fat in them?). Moving forward I will not be throwing that into my morning smoothie because I would much rather have avocado in my salad. Another item I am quitting for the next few days of this cleanse- chia seeds. Just until the cleanse is over. I can’t wait for this weekend so I canĀ indulge a little bit. Another 3.5 weeks of this is going to be tough but I am glad I am allowing myself a small break on weekends, it helps me stay strong knowing there is a rest stop of sorts just ahead, then the small break helps me feel satisfied and ready to get at it the following week. I CAN DO THIS! (Repeat to self 5 times whenever co-worker walks by with pizza, burritos, kettle chips, lemon bars, spaghetti and meatballs or iced mochas.)


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